Kindergarten Fun & Care Foto: Clemens Fabry

I am nurse – when giving your job (or nationality) “a” is not used:


Decide whether this is a man or a woman telling you her/his profession:
Ich bin Deutschlehrerin – German teacher
Ich bin Ingenieur – I’m engineer
Ich bin Arzt –  I’m doctor
Ich bin Ärztin – I’m doctor


There are some minor variations:
Ich bin Krankenschwester does not add -in! I’m nurse.
Ich bin Krankenpfleger – I’m male nurse.

Watch this video and see if you can hear some of the professions


Berufe you may have been able to identify on the video using keyword strategy are:

Arzt, Ärztin, Chirurgin, Rentner, Kaffeemaschinen reparieren, Architektin, Architekt, Blumenverkäuferin, Musikerin, Mode Stylistin, Maler, Polizeibeamter, Business Management, Konditor, Richter, Rechtsanwalt

Find the English translation on Leo online dictionary.

Type in ‘Rentner’ to see the meaning. Click on the arrow in front of the German word to listen to the pronunciation paying particular attention to the German unstressed ‘-er’ sound which many professions end in. Similar to Bruder, Schwester, Vater, Mutter.

GRAMMAR NOTE: I am nurse” –  you don’t use “a” in German. Funny language!

Plural   ALWAYS  takes the feminine article    “die”

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