Hawks on a trail - Kasachstan


You want to expand your vocabulary and remember it better, longer, stronger. Here are a few suggestions.



Word explanation

der Pfad, Plural: Pfa·de

  • It is always interesting to see a word in context, that is, an example sentences. If a word is new to you, type it into http://www.linguee.com to see example sentences.
  • It is also interesting to type the words you haven’t mastered into Google Images, to have a greater appreciation and grasp of their meaning.


Bedeutung – meaning
Schmaler Weg, der nur von Fußgängern benutzt wird./ Narrow path, only used by pedestrians.
Does the path lead through the bushes, the forest, the grass?
Führt der Pfad durch das Gebüsch?
Führt der Pfad durch den Wald?
Führt der Pfad durch Gras?


Listen to the pronunciation
Auf dem Pfad der Tugend wandeln / to follow the path of virtue

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